AAT Appeals and Reviews

According to the Australian laws, the Administrative Appeal Tribunal is assigned to look after the different visa cancellation and visa reviews. If you are also faced up with any kind visa refusal, then you must apply for your visa review within 21 working days from the date of the visa refusal or cancellation. On the contrary, if the applicant is not able to apply for the same within the given time period, he/she will not be able to apply for a review in the proper and expected way. When it comes to availing any sort of flexibility in terms of your review application at AAT, you will probably get the least of it here.
Also, there are three consecutive ways, based upon which the entire of the review procedure will be implemented by the AAT. That is remitting, upholding as well as overturning your visa in the best possible manner. And when it comes to the submission of your documents, you must submit all the necessary documents as required by the AAT. In case, the documents submission seems erroneous or inadequate, the candidate will be instantly informed about this by the concerned department itself.

AAT appeal can be considered as follows:

Remember, the appeal made regarding your visa refusal/cancellation should be done within the given time frame followed by the submission of the right kinds of documents.


If you are also required to apply for a visa refusal/cancellation review, then we at ISA Migrations can exactly help you out in this regard. Our highly skilled professionals will first asses the nature of your visa type first and will then suggest you the most appropriate kinds of documents which you will be required to submit to the AAT.
Not only this, our team of professionals will also keep on providing you beneficial ideas and suggestions from time to time that will finally lead to the successful review of your visa refusal/cancellation. So, get in contact with us and find the best solution to all your visa related problems.

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