Student Visa Subclass 500

Students pursuing any course in Australia under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, or CRICOS, are eligible to apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500 for staying inside Australia during the time of the course. The visa allows the foreign students to stay in Australia for 5 years or less but not exceeding the period of their enrolled course, studying any full-time course in any of the endorsed Australian institutions. This visa allows the student to even bring their family into the country. The Student Visa 500 is applicable to any courses that are eligible in Australian visa guidelines and the international students can apply for it to study any full-time course of their liking.

There are several rules and regulations that the visa applicants should know of beforehand. During the time the visa is in play, according to its rules, the student has the right to journey inside and outside the country of Australia. The visa also gives the students provision to work along with their study, but not more than 40 hours in two-week duration and their chosen course must have initiated. These and many other rules are present which are needed to be strictly followed by an international student for getting approval from the CRICOS for any course application. These regulations can be explained to the students by the professional ISA Migrations & Education Consultants so that they can register their application properly.

What This Visa Subclass 500 Allows You To Do In Australia

Student Visa 500 allows the holder certain privileges while studying for a limited duration in Australia. The holder of the Visa Subclass 500 is entitled to certain services, which are tabulated as;

  • The visa allows a student to enroll in a full-time course in Australia registered under CRICOS and ensures some provision and entitlement.

  • This visa allows the inclusion of family member and the student can apply for it.

  • Once the course commences, the students can work for 40 hours per fortnight.

  • The total duration of the visa is 5 years; subject to change due to the courses opted for.

  • This visa also allows the holder to come and go from Australia as he or she wishes for 5 years.

English Requirement for Australian Visa Subclass 500

The student must qualify and achieve the required marks for Subclass 500 Student Visa in any one of the below-mentioned English language test. The compulsory marks and rank to apply for the Australian Visa Subclass 500 are provided below:

English language
test providers
Minimum score English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) and Minimum score and at least 10 weeks Minimum score and at least 20 weeks ELICOS
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.5 5 4.5
TOEFL internet-based test 46 35 32
Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English) 162 154 147
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) 42 36 30
Occupational English Test B for each test Component N/A N/A

Student Visa 500 Eligibility Criteria

To avail admission into any course registered in CRICOS and enjoy the facilities of the Visa Subclass 500 to study while staying in Australia, the international students will have to abide by some rules and regulation. Without the fulfillment of the said rules, the foreign candidates may not be permitted to enroll themselves into a curriculum. The different Student Visa 500 Eligibility rules are:

The age of the applicant must be 6 or more if he or she is applying as a school student under this visa. This visa does not apply for students enrolling under the secondary school student exchange program. For later classes, the following rules have to be followed:

  • At the ninth year, the applicant must be less than 17 years.
  • When starting Year 10, the age must be below 18.
  • Must be less than 19 at the beginning of Year 11
  • Age not more than 20 when starting Year 12.

Proof of enrolment
Evidence of the enrolment into any course study is mandatory for application of the visa. Without a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) letter, the visa will be held invalid and also will not be processed further.

Multiple courses
The student is permitted to apply for more than one course, but he or she should provide a (CoE) or Confirmation of Enrollment for each of them. They will also have to mention it in their visa application; otherwise, the visa will be issued only for the mentioned course.

Welfare Arrangements
The students will have to make proper welfare arrangements if he or she is below 18 years.

Meet requirements for the English language
Evidence of skill in the English language has to be provided for applying in the student visa. The test scores of some department-approved exams may serve as such proof.

Health insurance
The student and their family must hold proper and adequate health insurance from an approved Australian insurance company during the total period of their stay.

Financial proof
The student must provide evidence of the proper financial arrangements to take care of the stay in Australia.

Temporary Entrant
The visa rules stipulate that the applicant must return to his motherland after the end of their course.

Character requirement
The students and their family members above 18 years must satisfy the health and character requirement.

No previous cancellation or refusal
The student must not have any previous cancellation and refusal case with the department.

Student Visa 500 Checklist

Before applying for the visa, the applicants must go through their Student Visa 500 Checklist to ensure proper submission. The Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions which must be fulfilled for students to enroll themselves in a full-time course in Australia under CRICOS registration are listed below;

  • The applicants must provide enrollment assurance document like Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) Certificate for each of the courses applied.

  • The minimum age for a student to apply at school level is 6 years or older.

  • Under this visa, you can live in Australia for 5 years. However, the duration can change according to the duration of the courses enrolled in by the student.

  • The student must hold an OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover from an approved provider of health insurance in Australia.

  • Every student applicant has to fulfill and qualify in the different tests for the English language hosted by different providers to enroll in a course in Australia.

What is Australia student visa 500 processing time?

The student Visa 500 Processing Time differs on different factors, including the course chosen. The fees should be provided with the application otherwise the application will not get processed and Australia student visa processing time will continue to increase. The processing times for this visa are given below;

Visa Type Stream (If available) 25% of applications processed in 50% of applications processed in 75% of applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
500 Student Foreign Affairs or Defense Part 6 Days 9 Days 18 Days 52 Days
500 Student Postgraduate research Region 13 Days 39 Days 5 Months 9 months
500 Student Non-award sector Less than 1 Day Less than 1 Day 1 Day 9 Day
500 Student Schools sector 18 Days 35 Days 82 Days 7 Months
500 Student Independent ELICOS sector 9 Days 28 Days 33 Days 4 Months
500 Student Vocational Education and training area 18 Days 3 Months 7 Months 9 Months
500 Student Higher education segment 10 Days 18 Days 90 Days 6 Months


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