Parent Visa Subclass 173

The Government of Australia has devised a specialized visa for the parents under the class of ‘contributory’ whose children are residing in Australia as a permanent resident, an Australian citizen, or an eligible citizen of the country of New Zealand. The visa is known as Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 which is temporary and allows the bearer to stay in Australia for 2 years from the day the visa is granted. This visa, however, does not allow for a bridging visa while staying in the country. The complete rules and regulations can be asked to the relevant authority or by enquiring about to the knowledgeable Migration Agent Australia.

The regulation and requirements of this visa are similar to the other dependent visas. This Parent Visa 173 has a higher fee for the visa, however, the numbers of applications are less and therefore the processing time usually takes a lesser interval. Additionally, this visa does not require any Assurance of Support for the application. The bearer of the visa can also apply for permanent citizenship in Australia. The different provisions for this visa can be known from the ISA Migrations & Education Consultants along with the relevant information for the applications. The visa also allows for the work and study rights in the country.

Who Can Apply For Contributory Parent Visa 173 Australia?

The Contributory Visa 173 is a temporary type visa that allows the bearer a stay of 2 years from the acceptance of the visa. However, for the application, the applicant must present evidence of a nomination, preferably from the children or any eligible community. The applicant for Parent Visa 173 is also eligible for an application for a permanent visa. Therefore, the applicants must show the proper documents for the eligibility. The person who can apply for the Contributory Parent Visa 173 must have the following characteristics;

  • The applicant must have a nomination from an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

  • The nomination should preferably from the children itself, the partner of one of the children or a community, provided that;

  • Your child and the organization are linked.

  • The senior authority of the organization agrees for your nomination.

  • The organization is established in Australia and legally registered.

  • The organization must be active in Australia for one year.

  • The organization is economically stable

  • The applicant must pass the balance-of-family test.

  • The applicant must have financial assistance.

  • The applicant must follow the Australian law and qualify all the visa conditions.

General Eligibility Criteria For Parent Visa 173

The conditions for applying for the Contributory Visa 173 are somewhat similar to the other parent visas; however, there are some different requirements that must be monitored by the candidate for the Parent Visa 173. An important point for this visa application is that the contender can apply with or without as a retiree. The basic conditions for the Australian 103 Visa Eligibility can be listed as;


The candidate must be sponsored by an entitled sponsor, and the most standard option would be his or her child or their spouses. If the child age is less than 18 years, then an authorized relative or community organization can sponsor the applicant.

Signing the values statement

The applicant must sign the Australian values statement upon acceptance.

Balance-of-family test

The applicant must meet the requirements of the balance of family test. This condition requires that at least half of the qualified children are living in Australia, or there are more eligible children existing in Australia than in other nations.

Health and character requirement

The applicant or the designated family members have to put up with the health and character requirement of the ministry of Australia.

Payback outstanding amount

The candidate or their family members should clear, or arrange to clear the money, if any, that is unsettled to the Australian Government. This includes the family members not connected with the applicant.

Earlier visa

The applicant must not have any visa rejected or canceled before by the proper authority if he or she has applied before.

The best interest of a child

If there is a member younger than 18 with the main applicant, the immigration authority will consider him/her as a juvenile and reserves the right to refuse the visa if there are causes that affect with the child’s best interest.

Health insurance

The applicant must have proper health insurances, which also include transport.

What Contributory Parent Visa 173 Lets You To Do in Australia?

The Contributory Parent Visa 173 is a temporary visa awarded to persons who have children as a permanent citizen of Australia or New Zealand and are designated by them. The visa holder can come and go from Australia without any restriction for only 2 years from the date of the visa allowance and have other members of the family also. The Visa Subclass 173 also allows the chance of study and work in Australia; however, they are not eligible for government assistance. You will also be eligible for applying for permanent Australian citizenship in the future.

What are Visa Subclass 173 Requirements?

The documents that are delivered and essential for the Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 must support the privileges made in the submission. The application will be considered for an affirmative reply only with the correct tender of the documents. The necessary requirements for Visa Subclass 173, which can be listed as;

  • Evidence of nomination must be provided.

  • The balance-of-family test must be passed.

  • Proof of age must be presented.

  • Confirmation of meeting the health and character requirement must be yield to.

  • Evidence of non-existence of preceding dues to the Australian government must be given.

  • Evidence of no previous rejected or canceled visa has to be submitted.

  • Upon order, the assurances of support must be provided.

  • Documents concerning the holding of appropriate insurance must be submitted.

What is Contributory Parent Visa 173 Processing Time?

The Contributory Parent Visa 173 Processing Time is subject to the type of appeal submitted. Usually, a suitably submitted application collated with the required documents takes less time than a weakly supported application. Also, the typical time may take longer. To get more information, the applicant may contact the experienced migration agent to know about the Contributory Parent Visa 173. The processing time may change on according to the case.

Aged Parent Visa Parent Visa 173 Checklist

There are numerous documents to be delivered for once you decide to apply for a Visa Subclass 173, Moreover, the documents should be helpful in proving the provided information and be confirmatory of the requirements of Subclass 173. The best way to confront this is to make a checklist first and then look for the verification. The Contributory Parent Visa 173 Cost should justify the following;

  • You must provide proof of a child as a national or permanent resident in the country of Australia.

  • Your child can nominate you if he/she is 18 years of age, otherwise, a suitable relative or community structure will suffice.

  • You must be above 18 years of age.

  • You must not arrive before the visa takes effect.

  • You must accept the rules set by the Ministry of immigration, Australia.

  • You must have proof of assurance inside Australia if you want to study.

  • You must be outside Australia when the decision is being taken.

  • You or your family members must pay back any unsettled dues to the Australian government.

  • You should not have any visa application made invalid or refused earlier.

  • You must sign the Australian values statement.

  • You must provide evidence of health insurance while staying in Australia.

  • You must qualify in the balance-of-family test.

  • You must abide by the health and character requirement of the ministry of Australia.

  • You must not marry or enter into a de-facto relation before entering Australia.

How much does a Contributory Parent Visa 173 Cost?

The elementary amount for this Contributory Parent Visa 173 Cost is AUD 31, 980 for the chief applicant and added for each family member. For health checks, biometrics and police certificates, further charges may apply for Visa Subclass 173.

Contributory Parent Visa 173

Contributory Parent Visa 173 is a temporary type visa which permits the applicant to live, work, or study in Australia with the recommendation of his or her children having Australian residency, permanent citizenship or appropriate New Zealand residency for 2 years. Under the Visa Subclass 173, the candidate may travel multiple times to and from Australia for this time period. Also, the candidate may apply for permanent citizenship. The other conditions for applying for this visa can be explained by the best Migration Agent Australia; therefore, contacting the officials of ISA Migrations & Education Consultants would be a good decision.


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