Invitation to Comment

If another person provides the department data and information that can result in being refused or denied a visa, he will then be given by the department the opportunity or invitation to comment on the given information. The comment is needed to be done on a specific date.

If an individual is requested to attend or go through an interview he must take his passport with him, as well as all outstanding documents with him. His application will be thoroughly evaluated during the interview, and where possible, the decision will already be made. Also

How can ISA Migrations help you?

Our team consists of skilled migration agents who have expertly negotiated with clients from different nations and as cultural backgrounds makes thorough assessment on our clients’ case which includes their personal conditions. Upon completion of the assessment, and there are no problems detected, the next step is to recommend what properly needs to be done when staying in, or leaving Australia. To take action, we also provide a complete checklist that will address all the legislations needed. Visit us at your nearest ISA Migration’s office or fill out the inquiry form and send us your query. One of our team members will get in touch with you.

Invitation to comment in a request or application lodged

When planning to visit or stay in Australia, important things must be remembered and considered. First, a person should know which visas to acquire, as well as the requirements needed to apply for such visas. It is also important to know the obligations during stay in this country, as well as the information on compliance with the conditions of the visa. For denied application, that particular person can be sent an invitation to comment in immigration Australia. The applicant needs to know what he can and cannot take to Australia with him, having knowledge in duty-free concession restrictions and the experiences to take place while travelling at the Australian seaports and airports.

For changes in circumstances

There are other things a person traveling, staying or living in Australia needs to know. Among the most important things to know are the changes in conditions and circumstances. Say, if one changes residential address for over 14 days, he must inform the department through a formal letter, or by calling the general enquiries line. The person must inform the department if:

  • he wishes to add or change the person authorized as his representative in relation to his application for visa
  • the family composition changes as an outcome of death, birth, or relationship status change like married, divorced, separated, or he has entered a de facto relationship
  • he or a family member has the intention to travel to, or from Australia while his application for visa is on process
  • relationship with his partner ends

What to know about approved and denied visa?

For approved visa, an individual will receive a letter the related immigration office providing:

  • his Visa Grant Number
  • his visa’s validity date
  • his visa conditions
  • full details of the next moves to take

For denied visa, he will receive a letter containing the advice or recommendation:

  • the reasons for the decision
  • if qualified or eligible, the review rights
  • the time limit for applying for an appeal

Visa cancellation as part of the documents to obtain

More often than not, an authorized recipient is appointed while the visa application or cancellation, sponsorship, or ministerial intervention request is being processed. In relation to this, the department cannot discuss things that are related to the person himself, with the authorized representative unless he is acting on your behalf, too, as an exempt person, your migration agent, or you have provided the department separately with consent to divulge the personal information. Part of the documents obtained for communication is the visa cancellation letter.

What are the steps of cancellation process?

First, Department of Home Affairs receives any adverse information about a visa applicant. Then the department investigates the authenticity of the information received. And if the adverse information happens to be true, the department issues a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation.

How can I get the visa cancellation decision revised?

The possibility of revision of the decision depends on many factors, such as the reasons of cancellation, the visa holder’s location at the time (on shore or off shore), extent or type of breach etc.

The avenue of revision of the decision made by the department of Home Affairs is complex, feel free to contact us if you are facing such a situation, we will assess your scenario and explain to you the possible options for you.

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