Bridging Visa A Subclass 010

Persons who are facing a problem because of the period of confusion between an expired substantive visa and the waiting period of another visa that they have just applied for can get the chance of staying lawfully in Australia by a special visa issued by the Ministry of Immigration, Australia. This particular visa is known as the Bridging Visa A Subclass 010 or bridging visa A. This visa will allow the receiver to stay in Australia lawfully between the interim period of a substantive visa already enjoyed, and a substantive visa already applied for. This visa also provides the opportunity of working if the applicant is facing financial trouble.

This visa can also provide working rights for the persons who have completed the permitted period of stay on a visa which did not allow working rights and waiting on the decision of another visa already applied for. And unlike all other Australian visas, the applicant must be present inside the Australian territory while applying for this visa. There are several rules and regulations to conform to when someone is trying to apply for Bridging Visa A for staying in Australia. To ensure a proper application and submission of the appropriate documents, it is better to consult a Migration Agent Australia.

What this Bridging Visa A Allows You To Do in Australia?

The bridging visa a subclass 010 is fundamentally a temporary linking visa that allows the holder to remain lawfully in Australia till the decision of his or her application for a substantive visa comes through. This bridging visa a 010 sanctions the carrier to remain within the region of Australia and await the result of the application for a further substantive visa. The bearer of this visa must be situated within the border of the country of Australia at the time of application. This visa even allows the visitor to work during the waiting period although the previous visa enjoyed by him or her did not have that particular permission. An experienced and Registered Migration Agent can be referred to relating the matter of the bridging visa approval.

What are Bridging Visa A conditions?
There are definite circumstances which have to be taken into account firmly by the applicant to have a credible approval about privilege of Bridging Visa A subclass 010. Any mistake in submitting the documents or not abiding by the conditions may result in the rejection of the Bridging Visa 010. The visa subclass 010 conditions which are to be monitored cautiously by the applicant can be listed as:

  • The applicant should be able to provide proof of age when needed.
  • The applicant must possess a previous substantive visa.
  • The candidate must apply within the prescribed time limit for another substantive visa, or should be in possession of proof of application to the judicial council.
  • The applicant should qualify in the health and character requirements.
  • The applicant must be present within the borders of Australia when the application is deposited to the relevant authority.
  • The applicant cannot leave the country while this particular visa is in effect; as this visa cannot allow the bearer to return to Australia if he or she leaves the country.
  • The applicant can work if he or she can show proof of financial problems. This is valid even if the previous substantive visa held by the candidate did not have such provisions.
  • The conditions and rules of the previous visa stand until the bridging visa take effect.

What is bridging visa subclass 010 Requirements?

The aspirant needs to fulfill the necessities and present the important documents for bridging visa subclass 010 for each of the conditions mentioned below so that he or she may be considered to qualify for the bridging visa 010. The essential papers and the sides the candidate will need to address to complete the visa 010 requirements can be itemized in the table below;

  • History of previous visas

  • Proof of holding a requisite substantive visa.

  • Proof of application for a further substantive visa or the application to the judicial review relating to the decision of a substantive visa.

  • Evidence of adherence to the time limit for the applications

  • Proof of staying within the borders of Australia at the time of application

  • Evidence of meeting character or health requirement

Bridging Visa A 010 Australia Eligibility Criteria

To get chosen for the Bridging Visa A 010 Australia and to stay inside the country and avail other amenities related to a visa Subclass 010, there are some provisons and rules that the candidate will have to yield to before he or she thinks about going for the visa. If the rules and regulation related to the Bridging Visa 010 eligibility criteria are not followed, the application may not be accepted for consideration of awarding of the visa. The details are given below;

Age requirement
You can be of any age to apply for this visa. There are no specific age-restriction related to this visa.

Location requirement
The applicant must be situated inside the territorial borders of Australia at the time of application. This visa cannot be applied from outside the territorial borders of Australia. This visa also cannot confer the right of returning to the applicant if he or she decides to leave the country.

The application must be tendered according to the given frame of time, which defers for two different governing bodies. For the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, an application for review within the prescribed time-frame is sufficient and do not need any further application or bridging visa. However, the candidate will have to apply within 35 days from the date of the tribunal’s verdict in case of a judicial review. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the eligibility of a further bridging visa.

Previous visa
The applicant must hold or have held a substantive visa. The bridging visa will only be awarded in case a substantive visa has been applied further and the decision is awaited, or the judicial proceedings related to an appeal to the judicial review body about an application has not been completed yet.

Health and character conditions
The applicant must meet the necessities of the health and character conditions set by the ministry of immigration.

The rules and regulations prescribed in Schedule 2 in Migration Regulations 1994 can be considered as a reference point.

Australian bridging a subclass 010 Checklist

If you are submitting an application for the bridging a subclass 010 visa then you must provide the document that strengthens your case and prove your claim to the visa subclass 010. Unifying for or providing official papers when necessary according to the visa 010 Checklist will be helpful in the authorization of the visa request. The conditions you must check before you apply for the bridging visa are:

  • You must yield the history of your received visas up to the recent time.

  • You must be able to produce evidence of holding a substantive visa.

  • You must meet the terms of the health and character requirement of the Australian immigration department.

  • You must be able to provide proof that you have applied for a further substantive visa within the prescribed time limit, or have applied to the judicial review for an already applied visa.

  • The time limit for the application must be strictly adhered to.

  • You must provide evidence of staying in Australia at the time of application.

  • You must provide the required details of your financial state so that permission of working till the decision is announced could be given.

Australian bridging visa class a processing time

The bridging visa class a will be different according to the type of application and the type of visa is applied for. To recognize and accomplish an error-free submission when trying to apply for visa subclass 010, the applicant can employ the services of a qualified Immigration Agent Australia and get an affirmative result at the first attempt. The time taken to complete the formalities should be completed within 28 days.

There are quite a lot of more guidelines to go through before an application can be presented. Employ an appropriate immigration agent for help.

General FAQs For Australian bridging visa a subclass 010

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