Partner Visa Subclass 309 And 100

The Partner Visa 309 and visa subclass 100 is an Australian Visa which permits the partner or de facto partner of Australian permanent resident, or a citizen of New Zealand or, an Australian citizen to come and live in the country. The subclass 100 visa is permitted to people who are a holder of temporary partner visa that is subclass 309. With Visa 100, you can live in the country for an indefinite time period. You can also apply for the citizenship of the country if you qualify for the eligibility clauses that are stated by the authority under Visa 100.
The ISA Migrations & Education Consultants has the best Migration Agent Australia team who will help you to follow the rules and regulations that are associated with both the visas. An individual who is having a subclass 309 temporary visa can apply for Visa 100 if he or she wishes to reside in the country permanently. You can also enroll for various health care facilities during your period of stay in the country. You can also enroll yourself under any academic courses which you wish to pursue. Travelling to and from the country is also possible as many times as you wish to for subclass 309 and for subclass 100 you can travel for the initial 5 years. If you want to continue even after this period, then you should apply for Resident Reserve (RRV) to again enter the country.

Who Can Apply For Partner Visa 309 & 100 Australia?
The partner visa 309 and subclass 100 contain certain clauses which need to be achieved before applying for the 309 visa application form which is communicated below:

  • You must be outside the country while you are applying for Subclass 309.

  • You must be in a de facto relationship with a person who is a permanent resident of Australia or a Citizen of the country or a citizen of New Zealand.

  • To apply for subclass 100, you should be a holder of Subclass 309.

What Partner Visa Subclass 309 lets you do in Australia?

The Partner visa 100 permits you to live in the country for an unspecified time span. With both subclass 100 and Visa subclass 309, you can also enrol yourself in an academic course under the Australian government. You can also work in any organization as per your preference. Enrolling in various health care facilities has become easy with these visas. Applicants can also apply for the citizenship of the country, if they can qualify the eligibility clauses that are mentioned by the authority under visa 100. Attending 510 hours of free English classes conducted by the Adult Migrant English program is possible with these visas. With visa 309, you can travel to your home country as many times as you want and with visa 100, travelling to the home country for the first 5 years is quite easy and after that if you wish to visit, you need to apply for Resident Reserve.

What are the requirements for Visa Subclass 309 & 100?

If you wish to have the Visa subclass 100 and visa 309 without going through rejection, then list out the partner visa 309 requirements which will help you to get the visa quickly.

For both visa subclass 100 and visa 309

  • No outstanding amount should be registered under your name.
  • Should be in the best interest of the applicant below 18 years.
  • Should follow the relationship requirements.

For Subclass 309

  • Should meet the health and character requirements.
  • Should submit the sponsorship details.
  • Must be above 18 years of age.
  • No cancellation or rejection of visa should take place in the past.

For Subclass 100:

  • Must be a visa holder of Subclass 309 or Subclass 445.

General Eligibility Criteria for Partner Visa 309 & 100 Australia

As you know that to qualify for any visa, you should first attain the eligibility criteria that are mentioned by the authority of the nation. So visa subclass 100 and 309 visa eligibility criteria are also mentioned below which are to be followed first.

For both visa subclass 100 and visa 309

Best interest of the Children
If it is not in the best interest of the applicant who is below 18 years then the visa will not be granted.

Outstanding Dues
If you have any amount registered under your name then the amount needs to be paid before you apply for it.

Relationship Requirements
The applicant must be in a de facto relationship or must be a spouse of either an Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of the country.

For Subclass 309:

Health and Character Requirements
The health and character requirements that are stated by the government need to be attained if you wish to have the visa. Applicants in a de facto relationship should be at least 18 years.

Sponsorship Details
The applicant must have a sponsor when he or she applies for it and that sponsorship must be accepted by the Australian government. The person who is sponsoring for you should be the same person who will have to sponsor you for at least 2 years after the subclass 309 is granted.

Age Requirement
The applicant who is applying for it should be more than 18 years.

Status of the Visa
You should not have any visa cancelled or rejected even for once in the past.

For Subclass 100:

Visa Holder
You must be a holder of either dependent child visa subclass 445 or partner provisional visa subclass 309.

Partner Visa Subclass 309 & 100 Checklist

If you want your application form to be free from errors then you need to maintain a Visa Subclass 309 and partner visa 309 checklists. The checklist will help you to have a track whether you have missed out anything or not. The checklist is as follows:

For Subclass 309 conditions

  • Before applying, you should collect all the documents that are needed such as health and character requirements, sponsorship details, etc.
  • Apply for it while you are outside the country through online mode.

For visa subclass 100 conditions

  • If you achieve visa 100 just after the subclass 309 then you don’t need to submit the required details but in case if the visa is not granted then you need to provide the details to the authority.
  • Assessing of the application form is done after 2 years of the visa application being lodged. Send the documents before one month of the completion of the 2 years date.
  • Apply through the online mode.

For both visa subclass 100 and 309 visa conditions

  • After the application is submitted check if any further details are required by the authority or not. If so, then submit it at the earliest.
  • If the application gets accepted then you receive the information regarding the details of it.
  • And if the application gets rejected then you receive the reason for it.
  • The processing fee will not be refunded, if it gets rejected.

What is the processing time for Partner Visa 309 & 100 Australia?

It is quite difficult to determine the processing time of Partner visa 309 and Visa 100 as it depends on quite a few factors. The factors which influence the 309 visa processing time is communicated below:

  • Filling the appropriate details in the application form.
  • How much time is required to respond when a query is asked.
  • Verifying the details that you have provided requires time.
Visa Type 25% of applications processed in 50% of applications processed in 75% of applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
Partner Provisional Visa Subclass 309 4 Months 8 Months 21 Months 29 Months
Partner Migrant Visa Subclass 100 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months

As for the Partner Visa 309 and visa 100, the applicant needs to apply for it through the online mode. We, the best known Migration Agent Australia, at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants will help our clients to understand the requirements and the specifications that are needed for the approval of the visa application. So, give us a call today and get all your queries solved!

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