Education System In Hungary

The word higher education is all about training at the colleges and the universities. There are many colleges and universities and a small number are managed by different churches. There are private colleges too. There are seventy-two universities and colleges in Hungary with the foreign education institutions as well.

  • The academic year has got two semesters that is the autumn semester and the spring semester. The autumn semester is from September’s middle to the middle of December.
  • The spring semester is from middle of February to Mid-May.
  • Foreign students need to pay a tuition fee at the state institutions.
  • The students may get a scholarship.
  • The tuition fees differ at varied faculties and institutions.
  • The number of courses in the foreign languages has increased. Some of the foreign languages taught are English, French and German.
  • There are also many foreign language programmes at the medical, economic and technical colleges and universities.
  • The high-level institutions provide a nice chance for the mobility of the students with the help of international cooperation and participation in various European programmes.
  • The big universities provide Hungarian courses for the students.

The foreign students have the chance to take part in a preparation year in Hungarian in case they want to learn the language. The education system in Hungary is designed in such a way so as to meet the needs of the foreign students. Contact us to know more about the education system in Hungary.

  • Hungary is a nation that can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor due to the presence of some renowned medical universities.
  • The candidates may get a general physician degree and after that they may get specialization in varied fields.
  • The medical program covers six years that is twelve semesters.
  • There is the dentistry program in Hungary. On completing the same, the students are given the title Doctor of Dentistry.
  • The pharmacy program is for a period of five years.
  • It starts with an introduction to the basic sciences. On completion of this program, Doctor of Pharmacy is awarded.
  • The English language course is designed for the students who want to get their degree in English but do not have appropriate awareness in the English language. After completing this program, the students can join the university degree programs.
  • Business administration needs a liberal arts education and the essential skills for great careers in business and government.

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