Skilled Regional visa subclass 887

The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 allows the holder to remain temporarily within the borders of Australia, and study, work or perform other duties. Additionally, they have a visa that allows the holder to stay indefinitely in Australia without any restriction of stay. This visa is called the Skilled Regional visa subclass 887 or 887 visa. The visa also comes with a travel component that allows the bearer to travel to and fro Australia as per his or her requirement. There is a time limit of 5 years as per the traveling is concerned. As with the other regional visas, this one also has the condition of staying at a specific region.

However, the 887 Visa Australia can be only given to the applicant if and only if he or she has stayed for 2 years in Australia under any eligible visa, or has stayed in a specific region of Australia for 2 years. The visa also allows the holder to work in the country and also be a sponsor for his or her family member in the due course. The holder will also be eligible for enrolling his or herself on the public healthcare system of Australia. The applicant can also pit the names of their family members while applying. As this visa is quite similar to other regional visas, it would be best to confer with ISA Migrations and Education Consultants for the complete info.

What this Subclass 887 Visa Allows You To Do in Australia

The 887 Visa Australia is a permanent variant of the usual skilled regional visa. Like the temporary one, this visa also needs a nomination from one of the two sources, either from an eligible relative or from a state or territorial government. According to the nomination, the applicant must show that he or she has stayed for at least two years at the regional or low-population growth metropolitan area, or another specified area. The Subclass 887 Visa allows the holder to work also according to the conditions specified. The travel conditions of this visa are unlimited; the holder can come and go from Australia as much as he or she pleases up to a period of 5 years. The applicant can also recommend the name of the family member at the time of application. The holder is also eligible to register himself or herself in Australia’s public health system. To know more about this visa, you can contact an expert and proficient Registered Migration Agent for complete information.

What Are Subclass 887 Visa Conditions?
There are definite circumstances which have to be thoughtfully completed by the contender to have possible sanction in the application of 887 Visa Australia. Any error in submitting the exact documents or not continuing the reach and permissible limits of those rules may effect into the Visa Subclass 887 withdrawal. The subclass 887 visa conditions which are to be followed judiciously by the candidate can be listed as;

  • The applicant must be 18 years old.
  • The applicant must not have a canceled or prohibited visa application.
  • The candidate must reside in a designated area as per nomination.
  • The candidate can have any dependent with him or her during the course of the visa application.
  • The candidate must clear any due expense to the Australian administration.
  • The applicant must follow the health and character requirement of the Australian government.
  • The candidate must be inside the international borders of Australia while applying.
  • The candidate must have proof of residence for at least 2 years.
  • The applicant must have full-time work experience for at least one year.
  • The candidate must follow the current health and character requirement of the country of Australia.
  • The candidate and his family members must sign the Australian values statement.

What are Subclass 887 Visa Requirements?

The requirements of subclass 887 Visa Australia comprises of the points which are also the requirements of other visas. Nevertheless, the points should be very seriously considered, o0therwise the application of visa subclass 887 shall remain incomplete. The list of 887 visa requirements can be itemized as;

Visa Name Documents required
Skilled Regional visa subclass 887
Proof of nomination or invitation.
Evidence of age while applying for the visa.
Proof of at least 2 years stay on a nomination designated location
Proof of no previous canceled or refused visa.
Evidence of holding a previous eligible visa.
Proof of settlement of outstanding sum unpaid to the government.
Evidence of holding a full-time job for 12 months.
Evidence of working on a job mentioned in the combined list of suitably skilled occupations.
Evidence of agreement with the Australian values statement.
Confirmation of meeting character or health requirement.

Skilled Regional Visa 887 Eligibility Criteria

The entitlement conditions of the Skilled Regional Visa 887 are more or less similar to the conditions specified for the other regional visas; however, there are some differences that separate them. The points that are specified in the criteria list of 887 visa Australia must be pondered upon extensively before any application is done. The list of Australian 887 visa eligibility criteria can be presented as below;

Previous visa
The applicant must have valid substantive visas which are eligible for the application of an 887 visa for 2 years. Some of the eligible visas are visa subclass 489, 495, 496, 475 or 487 or an application for a Bridging visa A or Bridging visa B.

Habitation requirement
The applicant must have stayed for at least two years as a holder of the eligible visas at a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area under the nomination of a state or territory government, or at a designated area of Australia if nominated by a relative or family member.

Job requirement
The applicant must have completed at least 12 months of full-time work under the mentioned eligible visa at the destination specified according to the nomination. A full-time work constitutes 35 hours of work. Concurrent part-time employment can be clubbed to satisfy this requirement.

Abiding by the eligible visa
The applicant and his family members must have conformed to the conditions of the eligible visa.

Health and character requirement
The candidate must meet the requirements of the health and character conditions as set up by the ministry of immigration, Australia. The candidate must also hold insurance approved by the Australian ministry.

Location requirement
The candidate must be present inside the territory of Australia at the time of application.

Outstanding dues
The applicant must not have any outstanding dues with the government of Australia.

Australian 887 Visa Checklist

The visa application for Subclass 887 Visa should have all the necessary documents that support the claims made and bolster the application. The best way to assure that the 887 Visa Australia application remained error-free, string, and properly supported is to prepare an 887 Visa Checklist and then finding the documents. The main necessary documents that are needed can be listed as;

  • The Australian government must not hold any unpaid amount overdue from you or your family members.

  • You should not have any visa application canceled or refused.

  • You must sign the Australian values statement.

  • You must have documents proving that you had or still have a valid eligible visa or bridging visa.

  • You must prove that you have been staying inside Australia for at least 2 years.

  • You must have evidence of working a job full time.

  • You must have proof of nomination by a territorial or state government of Australia, or from your eligible relative.

  • You must have the required proof of age.

  • The debts, if any, to the Australian government must be cleared.

  • You must be able to provide evidence of no previous canceled or refused visa.

Australian 887 visa Processing Time

The Skilled regional Visa 887 is an important visa and the time will be decided according to the submission. The applicant can look up and get the help of a capable and experienced Immigration Agent Australia and hope to get a promising result in return. The typical Subclass 887 visa processing time can be stated as;

  • 75% of applications: 16 months
  • 90% of applications: 16 months

To understand the intricacies of the skilled regional visa and to submit a comprehensive application, it would be best to consult an experienced migration agent.

General FAQs For Australian Skilled Regional Visa 887

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