Tuition Fees Germany

International students are required to pay a tuition fee of around EUR 1500 per semester for Bachelor’s/Staats examen and following Master’s degree Programmes at all institutions of higher education in Germany.

Besides, this law is for those students only who aspire to start their degree Programme in the winter semester 2017/18 or those who willing to change their complete degree Programme or institution of higher education. Students that get an enrolment at Heidelberg University in the summer semester 2017 and want to continue in the same degree Programme in the winter semester 2017/18 are exempted from this tuition fees. In this case, the grandfather clause will apply. A component of the previous degree Programme might be changed when without incurring an obligation to pay tuition fees.

International students coming from a different institution to Heidelberg University are likely to pay tuition fees at Heidelberg University.

Exceptions for payment obligation

In few of the cases, the law on tuition fees for international students offers certain exceptions. These exceptions are outlined under � 5 of the Higher Education Fees Act.

Students are required to submit the relevant documents to the International Relations Office within the given deadline to be entitled to get an exemption from paying the tuition fees, if any one of the above-mentioned cases applies to you. For detail information on exemption from paying tuition fess students may refer the website of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. Exemptions are issued after complete information is provided by student and verifying the same for either one semester or for entire period of the degree.

Additionally, as per the law higher education institutions may exempt up to 5% of the fees of international students. According to the higher education fees act the students who start their first semester of a study programme at Heidelberg University are entitled to apply for exemption from tuition fees within the quota the Ministry of Science, Research and Art has designated.

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