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Created especially to protect your eyes from radiation and blue light from your computer, cell phone, tablet and television.

anti-blue light glasses

Why anti-blue light glasses?

We are surrounded by screens, we are constantly using and seeing screens everywhere, we have televisions, laptops, tablets, and cell phones and all of them emit blue light, blue light itself is not bad but an excess of blue light is harmful to your eyes, in addition to this because of the pandemic, we are using the computer much more, and not only us, our children are being educated with screens and that is good, but we have to protect them, think that we spend more than 15 hours a day with screens!

potential dangers

tiredness and dryness of the eyes

Headaches & migraines

Physical & Mental Fatigue


anti-blue light glasses works?

How does it work?

Vincenton’s patented technology allows an advanced filter that blocks light rays from 450 nm where the ultraviolet light spectrum begins.

all our glasses are developed to protect you from the radiation emitted by all the devices we live with every day, especially those devices that we use very close to our eyes and that can have a greater impact, such as cell phones.

benefits of anti-radiation glasses


With Vincenton glasses you will not only give your eyes and mind a rest, but you will increase your productivity, you will be happier and more relaxed because your circadian sleep cycle will be regulated and besides that, you will look fashionable, smart, and healthy.

healthy eyes

happy and calm

increase your productivity

regulate your sleep

choose your style!

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