485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension: 2024 Comprehensive Guide

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485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension: 2024 Comprehensive Guide

Starting a first study-abroad experience can be a life changer. For many international students, studying at Australian universities after graduation suddenly becomes high on their agenda. Some of them also apply for a 485 visa extension if their course or research projects require them to stay in Australia for longer, even after the visa expiration. 

The blog will address 485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extensions in great detail. In this detailed guide, we will explore the target objectives, eligibility criteria, application procedures and estimated processing time for 485 visa extensions in 2024.

What Is 485 Visa Extension?

485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension was established to allow international students to get more experience, improve their credentials, and reduce unemployment in Australia after they finish studying at an Australian university. 485 visa extension can be easily extended with the help of our visa consultant Perth.

This visa allows graduates to live, study, and work temporarily in Australia.

Two work streams are available to applicants for the 485 visa: the Graduate Work Stream (GWS) and the Post-Study Working Scheme PSWS. PSWS is meant for higher degree recipients who may live and work in Australia for between two to four years, depending on whether they have the highest degree. In contrast, the GWS awards an 18-month visa to graduates based on their qualifications and skills that are related to the specified jobs listed in Skilled Occupation.

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485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension Application Process:

Well, the natural question that arises is how to apply for a 485 visa extension; applying for the 485 visa extension is complex, and one needs to pay close attention to eligibility requirements, supporting documents, and meeting deadlines. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to tell you how to apply for 485 visa extension:

  1. Establish Eligibility

 Before the application process can begin, it is necessary to determine eligibility. 485 visa extension eligibility requirements may vary depending on the chosen stream and individual circumstances. In general, candidates must possess good health and good character, as well as having completed an eligible qualification in Australia in the recent past.

  1. Compile the Necessary Records:

Document preparation is one important step in the application process. An overall list could contain identification documents, certificates such as diplomas and tests for proficiency in the English language, along with proof of Health Insurance coverage. The candidates need to show transcripts or proof that they have fulfilled an acceptable qualification required for consideration.

  1. Submit the Application:

Candidates can apply for a visa online through the official Department of Home Affairs website after submitting all necessary paperwork. Ensure all the data is right and up-to-date to avoid unnecessary processing delays.

  1. Cover the Application Cost:

The visa application fee is non-refundable. Payment channels can be online. As fees are variable, it is essential to consult the most current fee schedule on the Department of Home Affairs website.

  1. Await the Visa Decision:

Candidates will have to wait for their visa application results once they submit them. It is recommended to regularly visit the Department of Home Affairs website for information on processing times because they may change.

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485 Visa Extension Eligibility Requirements

A 485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension application would stand a good chance of acceptance if it certainly navigated the eligibility requirements. Here are some essential qualifying standards to take into account:

Regarding the Work Stream Post-Study:

  1. Completion of Requirements: Candidates should have completed an eligible path within the ultimate six months. This can also include a bachelor’s diploma, master’s diploma or doctorate from an Australian college.
  1. Length of stay: The validity of the visa is decided through acquiring the highest qualification. Those with a bachelor’s degree can stay for two years, or people with a grasp’s degree can stay inside the United States for 3 out of four years.
  1. Health Insurance: It is vital to have adequate medical insurance all through the validity of the visa.
  1. English Language Proficiency: Applicants must meet English language proficiency necessities usually tested by IELTS or other comparable checks.

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Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Skill Test: Eligible applicants making use of a career listed inside the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) must pass a skill test.
  1. Qualifications finished: Graduates must have completed applicable qualifications within the final six months.
  1. Health Insurance: You want proper health insurance to get a visa.

What Is the Processing Time for a 491 Visa?

491 Temporary visa extensions can take a different amount of time to process, depending on conditions such as the complexity of the application or even the accuracy found in the supporting materials and how many applications are currently pending for consideration. 485 visa extension processing time is between 3 and 6 months. From 2024, applicants are advised to visit the official Home Office website regularly for information on expected terms of service.

While simple applications are typically processed quickly, complex applications can take longer or need additional documentation. The recommended approach is to submit a well-completed application with a reasonable timeframe before starting anything so that some buffer can be created for unexpected delays.


485 Temporary Graduate Visa Extension lets foreign graduates stay longer in Australia, receiving treasured experience and enriching the Australian labour force. It is essential to go through the application procedure with complete information about eligibility, documentation, and how long processing could take so things can work out easily.

As 2024 has approached, any changes or shifts in policy initiated by the Department of Home Affairs regarding extending a 485 visa for overseas students should be considered. In the more dynamic and changing Australian landscape, if graduates plan ahead with advice from this comprehensive guide, including neighbourhood security concerns, they can confidently face their visa extension process while optimizing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Q1. Is it possible to extend my 485 visa multiple times?

No, the 485 visas can only be extended once. Multiple extensions are not permitted.

Q2. For how long is a 485 visa valid?

The validity of a 485 visa depends on the stream—graduate work or post-study work. It will most likely last between 18 months to 4 years.

Q3. Is it possible to apply for an extension of my 485 visa outside of Australia?

No, you must be in Australia to apply for a 485 visa extension.

Q4. Can 485 visa holders become permanent residents?

Yes, some 485 visa holders may be eligible to apply for permanent residency through other pathways.

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